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The Steagles

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Welcome to the Steagles Choose Your Adventure where you get to guide the Steagles through daring quests…if you dare.  All you have to do is click on the picture to advance in the adventure.  Occasionally, you will be faced with two pictures and two different paths…you may only pick one path…So Choose Your Adventure wisely…


"The Steagles have finally arrived home from a hard day's work in the oil fields.  That's right, because of the recent rising gas prices; the Steagles are lending their awesomeness to big oil.  Since they've worked up quite an appetite, Kevin Steagle suggests they make some popcorn.  Justin Steagle puts the popcorn in the Wayback Microwave 2006.  He sets the timer for 2:22 because he is too awesome to press more than one button. "

The Steagles
est. 1943